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New from Alaska


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I found this site while looking around for more information on blacksmithing. Pretty great site, so I figured I would say hello before I start reading all I can.

I am living in Anchorage. I recently joined the USAF, and I work on the F-22 (if you have any general questions about that, I will answer what I can).

Would be neat to find some classes in the area (especially as I can't really setup a forge here on base to start hammering on my own). So, if anybody has any information on that, I would definitely appreciate a heads up!

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Welcome to IFI and your newest hobby/habit/obsession/addiction.
Pull up a stump or in your case a block of ice and stay awhile.
Thanks for your service, I'm retired USCG.
Ask any questions that you have and you will get a lot of answers/opinions. All are worth reading and most are good. Lots of really experienced blacksmiths here.


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Piper, welcome to the site and welcome to Anchorage!
I live near the Boniface gate. We should meet up sometime. email me at tristan.apa@gmail.com

I don't know very many smiths in Anchorage, but there is a pretty decent group in the valley. Including the world famous Frosty. They all keep in touch using the yahoo group- http://groups.yahoo.com/group/AKblacksmiths/

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Hi there and welcome to Alaska. I live near Fairbanks so, a ways from you. I would suggest getting involved with the Alaska Blacksmiths Association that Tristan told you about. They are a great bunch of guys and can certainly steer you in the right direction. I come down for as many blacksmith events that I can but its a long drive for me. We have some great things planned for the summer. Hope to see you at an event real soon.

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