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Steak turners


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I have been getting orders for steak turners from guys at work, one guy gave one to his dad who is left handed and he said that he would have to lean to use his right hand, I told him to bring it back to me and I would turn it opposite hand but he said no, so I went ahead and made one for him.
I learned to make turners like this from Brian Brazeal, his are much nicer than what I am doing now, but the guys like them and it gives me beer money and time at the forge as well. I draw them out on my powerhammer, it only takes 4 inches of material for the tapper, the stock is 3/4 inch

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I made some steak turners today along with BBQ forks. Yours look great. I like the horse head. When I first started out making them I paid no attention to the direction of the point. This caused me to make a lot of left handed ones. Now I pay attention to the direction of the point and keep the left handed ones for those "special orders".

Keep up the good work.


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Most of the BBQ'rs that I know won't use a fork, or flipper, they only use tongs. They say if you poke it, it lets the juices out. The fork I made for a friend will probably get used for roasting marshmallows.

Nice job. The one flipper I made years ago when I was starting out was ambidextrous since it was only a 90 degree bend. It didn't have the side hook, but I can see how that would work out.

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Thanks guys, they are getting better, I learn something new with every one that I make, one recent discovery is to leave some mass at the end when you draw down to the point, I find that it holds the heat and prevents hammering too cold and getting cracks in the point
Bigun- I poke my meat all the time- still juicy

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