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Flame Grain?

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What do you mean by "flame grain"?

As a woodworker, flame grain is a particular grain pattern in the wood itself, like curly or birds-eye, and is dependent on how the tree grew and the lumber was cut.

I've seen hawks with the handle burned in some fashion and wonder if you perhaps mean this as a way to add an artistic flare to the piece?


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I think I know wot you mean, see if you think this will work for yoiu: Shape the handle to fitanfd sand it a bit,,at leats get any grinding or big sanding scratches off of it. Take a propane torch and lightly go over it, I like to go along the length of it..go easy as youlearn to make it like you want. do this several times and it may help to make it a little dlarker than you wish as when you sand it with fine grits or steel wool it will lighten a bit. May help to practice on some scrap wood first. I like hickory for handles.

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