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Little Giant Purchase

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Well, over the next six months, I will be able to earn a little extra money due to a couple of details I will be working though the local Sheriff's Office. I have spoken with Mr. Sid Suedmeier at Little Giant about purchasing a 25lb or a 50lb rebuilt Little Giant. I am really excited about the opportunity to own one of these hammers. I have heard nothing but "good" things about Mr. Suedmeier, his business, and his hammers.

I want to make an informed decision about my purchase. I am soliciting information from individuals that have used or owned a hammer rebuilt by Mr. Suedmeier. I will be using the hammer for knife making and general blacksmithing. I do not see myself working 3" square or anything that big. I would like to make some tooling to use with the hammer. I am looking for opinions on size to purchase (either 25 or 50), foundation needed, how long the hammer "should" last, maintenance required, and general stuff that I should be aware of to operate these hammers.

I am sure that I am missing something that I should ask about these hammers, but please feel free to educate me. I look forward to hearing from you guys.


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Sid and Keri at Little Giant are super fine folks. I have a 25 they rebuilt, a brand new 100 they built and a 100 that I rebuilt. Been using the 25 for over 10 years and it's still like new, so don't worry about wearing one out. Sid will school ya on lube and maintenance. Can't really help on which to get, I love my 25 but have not run a 50 too much. The 25 should do ya fine, but the 50 will have a little more thump. Good luck!

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Get what you can afford but I would be happier with a 50# LG over a 25.
You have a little more stroke with the larger hammer and dont be afraid to adjust the height, that is what the adjustmunt nut if for.
Get flat dies not drawing dies they were originally shipped with.
There are several types of fixtures to hold dies
Also when using a LG a brake is a necessity but with it coming from Sid it should already have one.
Good luck

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IMO when it comes to power hammers, less is not more- more is more! I'd go for the bigger... you can always hit it softer but if you need to hit harder and don't have it, well you know, you just have to hit it more....

Good luck with your new hammer... I'm sure Sid will set you up with everything you need to know in order to operate your new hammer safely.

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