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Advise on new top for Hay Buden (sp?)

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Just picked up a hundred pound H&B and the top is in pretty bad shape. Thinking of taking it to a machine shop, get the top leveled if possible and weld on a new face. Just not sure as to what grade of steel for face to use. Any suggestions or other ideas?

Thanks a bunch

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Sorry phil...laptop went loopy and I made another post attchments. See below post with attachments



Machining off the face destroys the anvil, and welding a new face on is not a simple process. There are several threads on anvil repair using hardface rod to build the entire face back to "like new"

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Per the other thread, that's NOT an HB but a cast iron bodied anvil... Why go to all the expense to machine off the only steel and try to
weld a new face onto cast iron when you could just pick up a large hunk of cast iron for next to nothing and face that?

The cost of machining and welding should be greater than the cost of buying a decent anvil and you would still end up witha bottom tier anvil.

Use it as it stands and make it *pay* for the next anvil your upgrade too!

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