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Snow Days

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We had about 4" this past Sunday!! and I'm in EAST TEXAS!! land of "never snows". I had a kid, 15yr old, out on Sat. to take another class. He had taken the beginner class I do back in Feb of '10 and wanted to do some more. Spent the morning doing forge welds and the afternoon working on the power hammers. Good student and went home happy and tired. He worked all day in a short sleeve 'T' shirt! Snow the next day. Ya gotta love it.

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We've had quite the mean streak of weather up here in Northern Alberta too, its been below -35 and snowing for the last week or so, -40 this afternoon. I don't spend much time in my poorly insulated shop in weather like this. Even with the forge going full blast and feeding the wood stove more wood than I really enjoy chopping it doesn't really ever warm up. Good for the pine beetles though. Need weather like this to kill them off.

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It ain`t real snow till your Rottweiler jumps off the porch and disappears,completely!
My wife looked at the hole,frowned and said "Otis just became Snowtis".That`s when I fell off the porch laughing and disappeared,completely!
He`ll find his way back up around dinner time.In the mean time,I got a lot of shovelin`(and plowin`) to do. :(

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