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Anvil Found

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Well, I actually did find an anvil half-buried in my back yard, but the site had been a blacksmith shop/forge shop for 50-60 years. It was a pretty nice 250 pound H-B in excellent condition. Made my day. Not quite the same as finding one in the woods behind your house.

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I don't know or remember if I posted this, but here goes.

After my son worked about 3 hrs to get it out of the woods and he come home and legs and arms trembling, I told him I'd give him $20 for the work.

Posted Today, 10:00 AM

Can I take your son hunting? "

He said he tried getting to his shoulder to carry out. Like he wanted to a few years ago with hunting. Of course with the deer I told him NO!!! you'll get your A** shot carry that thing out of here. He is pretty stout and loves a challenge and hates to be beat by anything whether its cards, sports, push-ups or weight lifting.

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Pete I once picked up a bunch of army shirts that had been used to make a sling to carry a deer out with. They had thrown them away afterwards due to the blood stains. I washed them a couple of times with a blood remover and had my smithing shirts for a coupled of years. Course I would have worn them stained too.

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No someone painted it and my son just found it today in the woods? The paint looks like the xxxx we used in the NAVY ....red deck paint ...here is some pictures
The places I have clean looks black underneath(patina)
post-16476-0-84064800-1294631340_thumb.j post-16476-0-02993500-1294631362_thumb.j post-16476-0-70631000-1294631369_thumb.j

Looks like the original owner was right handed and kept the horn to his left, as I should be..................mb
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