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I got a big (but not huge) Fisher

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I just picked up this beautiful Fisher last night. I'm pretty sure the 25 cast into the foot means 250lbs (give or take). The info i would like to know is what does the "B" cast into the other foot mean? There is the same "B" cast under the the Mfg date (1937) under the heel. Any thoughts of what this stands for? Also if you notice there is a nasty depression in the other side of the anvil. Do you think this is "shrinkage" that happened during the casting process? I've seen significant shrinkage like that, but, only in aluminum castings. Any thoughts????

Here is a picture of it next to my 145lb PW








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That is a beauty indeed! And so modern too.

Hopefully the fellow with the Fisher Museum will chime in on the details.

Personally I rather like anvils with *cosmetic* issues as they lower the price without affecting usability---my last anvil purchase was a PW missing the tip of one of the feet but mint otherwise.

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The depression is a curiosity. I have never seen a fisher with a casting fault that pronounced. It is kind of hard to really see the nature of the depression. Looks like the depression may be fractured. Are there cracks extending around and under the deeper edges of the depression ? If so maybe some misguided individual used it for target practice.

Any way you you look at it, the anvil should serve you well. The table and horn look to be in really good condition. I just put a Fisher 300 pounder in service. Fishers are solid citizens.
At 250 pounds yours should take heavy forging without moving around a lot. My 248 pound Brooks just sits there while forging. I think you will like the effect of the extra 100 lbs. Happy forging.

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Hopefully i will get the time this weekend to sandblast it and i should be able to investigate the depression better.
(pictures will be posted, of course!!!)

Does anyone know the name of the "Fisher Museum" onwer?

I'd like to see a head on picture of that side of the anvil with the depression. The closer the better to see if there are signs of tearing or if it just looks missing.
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Hi. Just back from the Gitchner event in Maryland.

The depression certainly appears to be a shrinkage defect. Yes, It does happen in iron castings. Sometimes a gas bubble get trapped, then during cooling it shrinks in. I have some anvils with severe shrinkage defects.

The B marks are batch or moldmakers marks. They are not significant to the history of the anvil.

The 25 is indicative of 250 lbs.

It looks like your anvil is in very good shape and with proper use, should give a few hundred years of service.

After you post pictures of the cleaned up anvil, I can answer better. Send any other question too.
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I got it weighed this weekend and the exact weight is 257 lbs. WOOOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Thanks NJAnvilman for the info, but, i got to admit, i'm a little bumbed that the "B" doesn't mean something more significant. O'well

I tried sandblasting it this weekend but that was a losing battle. I guess my blaster is just not strong enough. But, i know some guys who sandblast for a living and they have all kinds of different sand grits and media to shoot at it and some really powerful equiptment at their shop.

Once it is all cleaned up i will post some pics and we can discuss this crater on the side.

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