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Stock Weight Per Linear Inch


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I made this chart in Excel because I needed to figure how much 2" axle I needed for a 2lb hammer. It might be useful to others. For a given sq. or rnd. stock dimension, it gives the weight per linear inch in lbs oz.

Edited: To add column names

PS. I tried to upload the Excel file but the editor would not allow it.

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Nice to have on the wall for reference. Curious 1.88 came out 16ozs. I coulda swore it was 1 pound.:blink:

:blink: Yeah, it's a rounding effect. I rounded down to get whole pounds and rounded up the fractional part to get oz's. 1.875 (the steps are in eigths) comes out a tiny bit below 16ozs - 15.975. Setting up the calculation and the table of figures was 5 mins work. Fussing with it to get it into presentable format took another 30!
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I have an old give away book from a steel company that has pounds per inch for a bunch of different shapes/sized items; however I often use Jock's Mass3 program over at anvilfire to get a weight for stuff mentioned on-line. It also has the weights for a bunch of different metals so you can compare them at a glance.

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