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File Axe Head

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Just posted(double) of an axehead I made yesterday. I like to make these and give away to people. They are from my old farrier files. I bend it over, leaving about 1" overhang. Hammerweld, then bend the overhang over and hammer weld it giving the blade more bulk, plus when sharpening I don't sharpen the weld. Great for the small stuff.


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I really like your axe heads Mikel.
The texturing from the teeth really makes it stand out.
I'm curious, do the teeth along the cheeks and around the eye of the axe ever cause the axe to bind up when splitting wood?

Thanks for sharing.


Haven't really noticed any problems. But with this one it is only light work as the head is not very heavy. Splitting kindling to start a fire is not big work.
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