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I Forge Iron

Hammering Iron... didn't know I'd love it so much.


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Just discovered that I'm addicted to blacksmithing.
I've always been fascinated but it never occured to me that it was something I could actually learn and do in my own shop. After spending too much time researching, I decided to just do it. Built a fire in an old grill and beat some metal on my makeshift anvil. I'm hooked!

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run away quick before you become hooked!!! pretty soon you wont be able to pass by a pile of scrap without a urge to take it home ! your not lost yet RUN!!! .... o well probably too late .. just have to tell all your friends and relatives you want all theyre old heavy rusty junk they got laying around ... you will be popular for a wile till they get it back as projects every christmas...

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