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Hey guys,

I'm trying to get off of dead center on building a New Style Ron Kinyon Hammer. Materials down hear ( Baton Rouge, LA ) seem to be hard t come by. The solid anvil other than new is tough to find. Salvaged old steel just isn't available. There isn't even a steel yard around that sells old materials. I'd like to find a 7 to 8in dia solid round bar or shaft about 34in long. Does anyone have some material they would like to get rid of? I know shipping is a factor too, but new material here is about .65 per lb. It doesn't take long to spend a few dollars. Thanks for the help and or ideas! AJ

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Buddy Lenard in Covington, LA told me about a place in Mandiville called P&W Industries. 985-892-2461. They are suppose to have anything and everything, new and used. But, it sure would be nice to find it in my "backyard" as you mentioned. If you turn up any info I'd really appreciate it. Thanks, AJ

[i know a scrap steel guy in Livingston parish that could help you. I'll try and find his contact info and get back to ya.]

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Thanks for the tip, never head of those guys.... I cheked them out, they have what I need and sell it by the "inch". But it seems I could by it cheeper "new" when it comes to the big stuff.... If anywhere else comes to mind drop a note. Thanks, Aj

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