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  1. Those are some good looking mounts, nothing that would work with my odd ball gauge. The idea would work though... Thanks, Aj
  2. Now that's a cool idea.... I'm going to think on that one. That's what I need, someone to kick me off of dead-center! Thanks, Aj
  3. I agree with you guys on it may not live, but it sure does look cool up there. I may end up and lower it or something. It's just tack welded at this point. I'm open for suggestions on where to put it. Any ideas? Thanks, Aj
  4. While my parts are on order, I'm kind of at a stand still. I had a pressure gauge that I picked up from a buddy, so I made a little bracket and tack welded it on the side of the hammer. Also made a mounting bracket to hold the big air dryer and mister. I kind of over did it on the bracket, ( to heavy ) but it will serve the purpose just fine. I've just got it propped up on the rear, I'm not going to mount things till the spool valve comes in and it's mounted. The spool valve needs to be mounted first and work down from there. Hopefully it will come in with in a week or so. Later, Aj
  5. Now that you mention it, a buddy has some equipment he rebuilt thats a cream and brown. It would look classy... Thanks, aj
  6. I wouldn't think that would be an issue. It's above my head by a fair amount and it's captured on both ends with a 3/4 bolt. I guess weirder things have happened.. I ordered the spool valve and the two pilot roller valves today. The spool valve was about $110.oo, but they were proud of the pilot vlaves... about $90.00ea. Sure doesn't take long to spend money. Even spent $30.00 today on a SMALL bag of 1 in pipe fittings for the air dryer and mister. My play money is almost gone again... Thanks, Aj
  7. Thanks guy for taking time to comment. The interface with you guys helps keep my enthusiasm up. I may just have to paint it bright RED like Michael mentioned earlier too... Take care, Aj
  8. Wow, 40 hour build... I can't do squat in 40 hours. That's the trouble I have. I'm all the time learning new and different procedures, then when I do the next project, I can't back up. I'm getting deeper all the time. As I continue in the trade, the more I learn.... the more things I realize I don't know. Alway more to stuff than meets the eye. Thanks for the kind words... Aj
  9. It's kind of easy to have a smooth running shop when there is only one man and a half a helper. I've done a few projects over the past several years. The biggest was a CNC plasma table. I took that on to learn about how computers control machines. WOW, now that was a learning curve. I'm far more familiar with the concept but it's a DEEP subject to say the least. Took me two years to build and it's one of those projects that's never finished. If you have the time you can go to my website and take a look at it. awningandsheetmetalbr.com Having the plasma table has allows me to do small fab jobs easier, faster, neater than doing to old burn and grind..... I purchased an old CNC milling machine and changed the controller over to a PC and different motor drives. I've got a couple of DoALL bad saws I rebuilt. Those kind of projects are the easiest because it's more of just a repair/rebuild type job. Not really any fabrication. A few other little things here and there, but nothing major. I'm slowly building up my machines to give a broader capability on jobs that come through the door. Work is slow so having several different machines allows me to do jobs I would have to pass on otherwise. That's where the air hammer comes in..... My smithing is mainly simple scroll work I use in my awning business. My knowledge in that area is real limited. I have a great respect for the trade!! Thanks for the interest. AJ
  10. You know... I've heard of a blacksmith named "Arnold" We've never meet and I don't know where you shop is located. I'd like to stop by.. I know very few people in the trade. I've been under a rock for most of my life. AJ

  11. Progress! I've got my second wind on the project. It's starting to look like an air hammer. Things went as planned pretty much. I fudged on the squareness of the 8in vertical tubing to make the dies plates parallel. Not having the anvil faced off, just band saw cut, along with all the other irregularities that stack up along the way, it was off about 1/16. Now after all was welded it's about .015 out on parallel. The temporary jack screws that were welded on helped big time to line up the anvil with the ram. I dropped a transfer punch down in the anvil bolt holes and lowered the ram down till it slid in the ram bolt holes. Moved the punch around in all the holes till I was satisfied on the alignment. It looked pretty good when it was all said and done. I must say I've got my fill on welding for a few day. I used 7018, 1/8 and 5/32 rods to put the pieces together. I skipped around on the welding and even cooled it off a couple of times to keep the base plate from curling up. It's 1.5in thick but when metal get hot, welding will pull more than you think. Once it gets a little curl in there it no getting it out. I had to put an air hose to the cylinder to see it move before I left today. I'll sleep good tonight to say the least. The next step I'll have to purchase the spool valve and start fitting up those parts. I did find a air/water separator, oil mister, and regulator from a buddy. It has 1 inch pipe for the inlet and outlet so there won't be any problems with cfm there... The price was right..... free.... Thanks, Aj
  12. dude do we know each other? arnold and anvil blacksmiths 225- 927 9800 see my shop in gallery a "smithy " post by Joshua drop by !

  13. Well, the work ran out and I'm back on my air hammer project.. I'll have some new photos tomorrow. I welded the main spine (vertical 8in square tubing) on the base plate today and located the anvil under the ram. Tack welded it in several places and tomorrow I'm going to put the weld on it. The anvil was a problem to line up. I had to weld some temporary jack screws on the base plate to move it around accurately. It all went together as it should. Now it's starting to look like an air hammer. Thanks, Aj
  14. This is one of the jobs I finished the last week or so. It's slow going building parts this heavy. 1/2in thick 8in I beam, material rack for a fabrication shop of all places... They were to busy to build it. Wish I had those problems..! AJ
  15. Richard, you've gone way past my knowledge on spool valves and hammers. I'm going to follow Ron Kinyons lead on the design and parts. I believe you called it correct about the new design though. As for the whip in the spring... Ron hasn't mentioned anything about that in our e-mails. It's a short stout spring, it may or may not flex. I don't see it being anything other than a convenient spot to mount the air cylinder at this stage of the game, and I guess it really matters on how I'm gong to work it.. Getting more ram movement from a shorter cylinder stroke has to be some kind of positive advantage right ?? Thanks for the comments. Aj
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