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Preparing for Winter

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Last weekend, I moved about two hundred or so pounds of scrap wood into my basement, to keep it dry throughout the winter, and it's bone dry and perfect for chopping up with a hand axe. I've also moved my vice back inside, and well as all my hammers, and made a rack for them out of a rolled up wire fence, and I've cut the lumber for a 7 foot tall shelter over my forge anvil and quench tub, so that snow and rain don't pile up on everything.
How do you lot generally deal with/prepare for the winter? Do any of you still forge outside? How do you deal with snow (if you get any where you live)

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I pick up a couple of old 100% wool sweaters to wear in the shop from the thrift store. Summer is the wet season we may not have any rain or snow for 6 months now. If it's chilly I like to prewarm the anvil and tools.

Back in Ohio I used to put a piece of plywood on the floor to stand on and keep my feet wamer.

Central New Mexico

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Winter in central Illinois means anything from 55F and wet to -10F and dry (global warming??). Generally I don't prepare for winter until some single act makes me realize it's getting darn cold outside. This year it happened yesterday (Nov.19) while returning the neighbors tractor, in the dark, with the wind in my face... So tonight I will spend about an hour rooting and digging trying to find all the winter gear that I stored last spring (insulated bibs, tire chains, sand bags, etc.) As far as the shop goes, I just clean out the stove, tune up the salamander heaters (kerosene forced air) and buckle down.

It's important to remember that during winter, we generally keep doors and windows shut, which causes an ideal environment for CO. Make sure to address such problems!!
-Aaron @ the SCF

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