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hello from australia


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my daughter is interested in blacksmithing as a career (she is 16 and home schooled at the moment, but we are looking into how to get into the metallic side of things, like some welding classes, etc, any hints would be much appreciated!!!)
she is more into the armour, swords, object-making side of it, rather than farrier, although she does know that being able to shoe horses is a good way to earn money to live on whilst doing the more creative/arty side of things....
we would be interested in any advice on how to break into the field - she didn't get much joy from the school career advisor - 'blacksmithing?.... but you are a girl!!!!!!!'
cheers for now, and we will be following the threads with interest,

jane (mum) and minnie (wannabee blacksmith) :) :)

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Hey peoples

Where abouts in Oz are yas?

im in perth Western Australia.

theres quite afew of places round to do it.

try lookin up yer local blacksmiths association.

im Also 16 but a bloke.

im also a member of the blacksmiths association,

along with Some other people on here...


met a blacksmith lady at one of the places i went to round here,,

cant remeber where, but she did some fantastic work...

and theres afew lady smiths on here too..

We had a young gal who was 13 stop by the blacksmiths Associaiton of W.A during the Royalshow. she was right into it. wanted to signup, but there is an age limit of 16 which is for insurance reasons, but she said shell be back when she's old enough.

ifn youse is in perth area feel free to stop in sometime.

once you try it you'll be hooked :) its great fun

just be sure to wear long pants and a long sleved shirt, coz theres sparks and hot coals and scale going everwhere. and enclosed shoes.



from brett

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Let us know which part of the country you hail from, and we'll get you in touch with your local smithing group.

As for welding, TAFE runs (or used to run) a part-time welding class, aimed at the handyman or hobbyist. They run through all the various welding methods and techniques. It's not a bad start, and hey - it worked for me!

What ever you decide to do, this is a pretty friendly site, full of useful info. Enjoy!

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G'day Jane and Minnie,


Folks let's wait until these lovely lasses let on where they actually are. I know a smith on Magnetic island (FNQ). I met a bloke the other day from Tassie (he also makes concertinas :) ). I hear tell there's a few blokes around Perth and a bit north of Sydney.

Once we establish your whereabouts we can concentrate the effort.

I hope its in Victoria :D

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hey all, thanks for the warm welcome, sorry about the silence since my first post. we home school, & i also work full-time, so it is pretty hectic during the week. anyways, minnie visited dean lewis, a farrier at toolern vale, & he introduced her to blacksmithing (must say hubby & i were most impressed with his hospitality & enthusiasm to teach) she made a fire poker & is even more determined to do it as a career. we will have a look at iforgeiron over the coming weekend... thanks again & looking forward to picking all the brains out there! jane (& minnie)
PS as Brett says, we are in Melb. Dean gave me a contact - Otto at Donvale.

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WOW! great to hear you are getting your hands warmed (by the forge) so soon! Some of the BEST blacksmiths I know are Ladies! Do check out what clark-kentski suggested >> Lorelei Sims - Artist Blacksmith / Welcome to the Vortex of Hot Metal . I had the pleasure of attending a 2 day seminar she did for our group in Texarkana, Texas this past April. Awesome Lady and VERY talented! She also has a new book out that is great for beginners and the experienced as well. (you can order from her site) May I suggest that Minnie get a degree in Art, seems you get more for your work if you have a bunch of letters after your name. Good luck young Lady and please keep us posted! I would like to see some of your work also so post pics in the gallery! ;)

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