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First Tongs


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Yet another first tongs post. All I can say is, if you learn by your mistakes, I must have learned a lot. They were forged out of a 1" x 5/16" x 26" found steel bar. I drew the reins out by hand over the horn. Pictures below. The pictures that show the tongs holding something, are 1/4" sq., 1/2" sq., 1/2" diameter bolt, and a file (didn't have a piece of flat handy). I know there ugly, but at least they work. All comments, suggestions are welcome.








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Those are pretty darn good for a first pair. A lot of first efforts are not really practical for various reasons, like a thin section near the jaws. Yours not only look nice but are sound too. If you can do that, you can make yourself all the tongs you need.

I have a pair with jaws like that and find them very useful. Just a suggestion: You might draw out the straight jaw (dunno what to call it) to a short taper and curl it back on itself in a little scroll. Just for looks.

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Nah, you don't need to worry about how long it took. Even an experienced smith expects to improve his time considerably the first time he forges something new. In your case, you basic skills will be improving too. Make more tongs. You will improve rapidly and have lots of tongs. :)

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Great first pair, they don't look bad mate - actually look pretty nice. I would say if your that concerned over it you can clean it up a bit with a grinder, files, sandpaper, etc.

Tools are tools, if they work that's all that matters. Working tools do not need to be pretty for a man to fall in love with them :rolleyes:

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