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suitcase forge ?

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It is a US Cavalry pack forge. I got one unused when I served my horseshoeing apprenticeship at Fort Riley Kansas a hundred years or so ago. The blower and a TINY anvil and the legs all went inside the forge box and went on one side of a pack mule or in a wagon.They were meant to be support forges for troops on maneuvers. I was looking at mine under the bench the other day and occurred to me that I am the one who wore it out!!! Feels strange.A surplus outfit in Southern Calif. bought all the remaining ones from the government in the early fifties. They sawed off a few inches of the tuyere that bolted to the blower and sold blower and section of pipe (fraudulently) to unsuspecting dumb dumbs to supply air to their bomb shelters during the bomb shelter craze of that era!!!
There you have it... Eric Sprado

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