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My First 4 Knifes

Steven NY

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Hello all,

Well I spent all last weekend and most every weeknight this week working in my new blacksmith shop. These are my first 4 knifes. The first two where HC railroad spikes and were quenched in super quench.
post-15283-068347200 1288311845_thumb.jp post-15283-075865700 1288311858_thumb.jp
post-15283-051140100 1288311866_thumb.jp post-15283-062474100 1288311874_thumb.jp

The third knife was made out of a piece of W1 I had.
post-15283-074213800 1288311891_thumb.jp post-15283-038174100 1288311903_thumb.jp

The last knife was made out of a piece of drill rod about 3 inches long and 5/8OD that I oil quenched.
post-15283-064572900 1288311914_thumb.jp post-15283-067858500 1288311927_thumb.jp

I have also been making some other knickknacks and items which I may post in other sections. I must say what a great site this is, a really nice way to find ideas!! Any comments or ideas for improvements are welcome.


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