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If it would help, I can ask some of my mechanical suppliers. They are capable of fabricating 316 plumbing systems for high acid, caustic, and chlorine applications.

They are located in Canada, but they might have connections in the U.S.

Please let me know if you would like me to pursue this.

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Hi Mike,
We do quite a bit af work in 316 and bespite our country being on the metric system most items are imperial as the largest users worldwide of 316 apears to be the petrochem industry and they still operate in imperial so little has changed. When I need 50mm tube not 52mm I import directly from China, it is surprisingly inexpensive and you can get it in any finish you want no extra charge. The cost of shipping a container is only about $1800 so depending on the quantities you need its quite cost effective. If this is an option for you. Should this be of interest relpy as such and I can e-mail you tarif codes etc.(these differ depending on product longidudinaly welded etc.) so you can check what duty is payable on your side.It's a relatively simple process and I can guide you if you like? Another "win" is that you can add in other things i.e. induction heaters, into your container that sweeten the deal.

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Mike, Try a call to Penn Stainless in Quakertown PA. If they don't have what you need in metric they will know where to get it. 800-222-6144. You could also try Parker Steel who only handle metric sizes but I don't know if they would have your flanges and fitings. Steve G

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