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My Hawk Hawk is the Hawkiest

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I posted some pics of this over on NWBA's site but I thought I would share a few over here as well. This was made by Darryl Nelson for the hawk competition at our last conference and I bought it at the auction. Ive wanted a peice of Darryl's work for awhile and this seemed like a fantastic oportunity


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That is a beautiful piece I would've been bidding on it were I there!

Makes me think, we should come up with a game. Little tunnel dwelling critters that pop up unpredictably and you score by lopping their heads off. Hawk a Mole. :rolleyes:

Frosty the Lucky.

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That is beautiful piece of work, real craftsmanship! It reminds me of Luristan war axes. They would cast them with the poll going through the head of a ram,ibex, lion,eagle, or other beast. It didn't seem to matter to them which orientation that the blade had either, sometimes like and adz and other times like and ax, I don't think it matter much to guy that got struck down by it either, he was dead just the same. :blink:

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