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flue pipe for my forge?

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I was planning on fabricating a 12 inch square pipe for the chimney of my hofi hood. That's 32 feet of welding, 2 pieces of sheet steel, a goodly portion of angle iron, and some fab shop work for bending. In all I am looking at $70-$80 for materials plus my labor.

I have priced some industrial 12 inch heating and air duct. I can get 15 foot of smooth, 24 guage, galvanized 12 inch heating and air pipe work for $75 and I don't have to do anything other than screw the sections together.

Question! Is the galvanized 24 guage stuff ok? I don't think it will be taking much heat. It will be located about 3 feet from the fire.

If it is ok stuff to use, I have to let the suppier know by tomorrow morning so he can get it on the truck Friday.
Let me know!



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I just went to the heating supply place and got 12 diameter galvi pipe for something similar. Not sure what gauge it is, but I suspect it is the same as yours.

It works fine, set it on the horizontal bit, fix it tight and done.

The galvi is no where near the heat, and even if it was, it would be on the way up and out. On my chimney, I had set a candle on the horizontal bit to see if it ever got warm. After months of forging, the candle had shown no sign of having melted.

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You can also seam 2 sections of 6 inch black stovepipe together to make 12 inch. No zinc to worry about.

I was thinking about buying sections of regular stove pipe and doing that. I almost bought the sections from Lowes a couple of days ago. But I figured it up and it would have been about $20.00 than fabbing my own pipe.

We were at the dump the other day and I saw one of those turbines that was probably a 12 incher! Looked like someone just tore it off the roof and tossed it. When we go pick up my pipe tomorrow I may stop back by there and see if they still have it out there! Sure would be nice if they would!
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