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I Forge Iron

First project, and help from my son

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Finally got a working forge and got my first project done. Was hoping for more of an arrow head to make a necklace for a guy who scrounged some scrap and stuff for me as a thank you. Turned more into a arrow/spear tip but what ever, it was fun.


Also found a chisle like thing in a bunch or scrap from my won at an auction, and remembering an idea i saw here once tapered the handle end down a bit and it now sits nicely in the hardy whole and might turn into a nice hot cut hardy.


Then once I shut things down, my son wanted his turn to make something. So he got his "work helmet" and had as much fun a me, i think.


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I was really nice to have him there, he sat about 10 feet away on his swing most of the time and really only came up to get a good look at things when I quenched them at the end. Of course lots of "Daddy, what you doing?" thru it all.

Was sort of funny to because I had to remind my wife to stay back more often than him as I was working on the anvil. If she ever gets that close again when I am working she will find a hammer in her hand and me saying " Hit it there!" :D

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