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Thought you guys n gals might be interested in this!

We have set up a youtube account, and hope to put up some cool stuff as and when! B)

This first clip is a 10 cwt (550kg) Massey 'Clear Space' hammer that we have just rebuilt.

You can see the perfect single blow control I have mentioned before.

The hammer is not mounted over an anvil so no proper 'bumping' - we use a lump of steel wedged into the anvil recess, good enough to tell us what we need to know about the control,

Love to hear your thoughts :D

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Very cool John, thank you for posting. That is some great control. Would love to hear more from you on the technical side of things. How you rebuild different parts, maintenance, and the like.
Thanks again, nice video.

Glad you like it! the problem is I could write a book on the things! In a nutshell you just have to make em 'tight -n- right'

any specific questions fire away and ill try and answer them! as to maintenance, oil oil oil. If their lubed right most machines will last a very long time B)

I make quite a bit of my money from people that neglect the oiling, and large companies that think making the 'grease monkey' or whatever you call the guy that checks these things every week redundant, to 'save' a few thousand $ a year !! :blink:
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