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Diamondback forge? What's the best deal?


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I bought a 3 burner diamond back about 2 years ago. It heats up fast and hot. I did have problems with the small grill propane bottles freezing up on me. But I now use a 100lb bottle and it works great. I am going to have to reline it soon but I have used it a lot. I would buy again.

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Same here, I have the 2 burner model and i'm very satisfied with it.
I've had the problem of the 20lb freezing up, switched to a 60lb, that didn't do it.
Now I have a 100lb, hope it won't freeze this winter. It gets pretty cold up here (Montreal,Canada).
But the freezing up thing has nothing to do with the forge maker.
I agree Denis from Diamondback really is a great guy to deal with.


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I have the two burner blacksmith model and love it. Go with the larger tank for sure though. I use a 60 lb and it will still freeze up when getting near empty.

I recently had a small issue with my forge and Dennis was kind enough to replace the entire shell at no charge. A good guy who stands behind his products.

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