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I Forge Iron

Hi from SE Michigan!


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Hello everyone,

My name is John Hooper, originally from Dallas, Texas, now living in the Detroit area of Michigan. My 17 year old son and I are both interested in metalworking, and have been for a long time.

Well now is the time to do it. Trouble is, there is a lot I don't know. Hell, I really don't know anything about it!

This is the time when a little wisdom from other folks can really go a long, long way. I have nothing as far as tools go, and no forge. About the only thing I have is a nice natural gas quick connector that I use for my BBQ grill. Maybe I can plug that into a forge as well.

First things first ... um, what is the first thing? LOL!

Hey, give me shout, I selected to allow emails from other posters, and it would be especially great if there was someone local for me and my son to meet.

Looking forward to a lot of fun with this!

John Hooper

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Welcome aboard! Grab a hammer and step to the anvil!

I too live in SE Michigan, Wyandotte to be specific.
I have a portable smitty set up at my Dad's place. If you guys would like to come over, I would be happy to show you around the fire and anvil. I too am just starting out, but am well on my way (so I'm told).
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welcome aboard John, glad to have ya.

doesn't living in Detroit make you a troll? I married a yooper 13 years ago from around Ironwood.

Anywho, living where you do means you'll have better luck finding smithing tools than I do in AK.

Be sure to ask us whatever and don't forget we love pics.

Frosty the Lucky.

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