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Tim Livelys site no longer available?

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That's my take on it, or at least he 'retired' from making/selling knives etc.



Ive had my fill and taken all the lumps I care to. Im just gonna lay under the shade tree and play my guitar from here on out. I'm officially retired as of now. Anyone want to buy a signed "Tim Lively" hammer? Or be the only one on your block to own the tongs I used in my video? Im out of this game brothers. I wish yall the best but Im going to be a rock star! Or not. Whatever.


Yeah, Im serious. It's been coming for a few years now. It was just hard to shake that monkey. I shut the website down to just video info already. This is my last post on any knifemaking forum so email me if you really want to buy my tools. They're nothing fancy, just worn out hand tools. Just like me. Its been real. Vaya con dios amigas! tim@livelyknives.com

Words to live by from the prophet Neil Young:

" If you want to pet that ole hound dog
make sure he ain't rolled in sh!t "

Peace, Love and Understanding!
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p.s. His video is still available, think you can d/l it for approx 9$. Not bad for the $, though I had some minor display issues that Im not sure is the actual recording/video or particular to my system. (a few times, video did not seem centered/orientated on the topic of discussion, etc).


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Too bad. I have his dvd and still watch it from time to time.

Tim (and his wife Marion) sure seemed to do a lot with not so much which is pretty impressive to me.

A chunk of iron in a bucket of concrete for an anvil and brush for charcoal. And a lot of hard work.

Best of luck to Tim wherever he is.


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One of the problems of this world where everyone has a DVD burner in even the cheapest computer. Nothing is safe from pirates.

I have his DVD and still enjoy it and I think I pick up something each time I watch it.

As for his anvil, it is the basis for the standard answer I give to a nooby when they want a "real" anvil to start. Lump of steel in a bucket of concrete. Not much more to say on that one, Tim proved it.

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