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Hi my name is Justin and I am a Part time Farrier and amateur blacksmith. I live in northern Sacramento, Ca. and I wanted to know where I could ask about building a portable propane forge stand. I own a double side port whisper mama propane forge and i was using the tailgate of my truck until the liner melted, and even after that, but the truck is out of commission and i am using my wife's Honda wagon. Needless to say, I do not want to burn up her car so if I am ever going to use my forge on the job again, I need a stand for it. I would like to make one instead of buying one as the price is very high (279.37 at the horseshoe barn in sac). If anyone can help with this or direct me to the correct forum to ask that would be great. Thank you.

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As others have suggested in the past,go get yourself a discarded gas grill(Freecycle is a good place to start) and cut it down.The cart will already have wheels and a place to mount a propane cylinder.Some even have shelves(tool racks) that flip up.
Just bolt a plate or tray in place of the grill and you`re good to go.May have to cut things down a little to fit in a station wagon though.
Then again you could always surprise the wife with a new "sunroof".
Best to get the truck running first as you may have to sleep in it down by the river for a while.Just till she begins to appreciate the benefits of better ventilation and more light in her "improved" vehicle. ;)

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Find someone that welds and needs something to do some angle iron and wheels should do the trick If you want to bring it up to the real northern ca coast / just about into Or I can make something up in the shop good luck
PS there are lots of local smith down there ask around, do you know about the Ca Blacksmiths group ? google it

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Shoein out of the back of a honda wagon- "thats country" welcome to ifi and good luck with your forge. I have a gas forge on a stand it is a pretty simple set up, just four legs out of tube steel and some angle around the top to set the forge in, it also has some arms that extend out to support long pieces. I did not build this it came with the forge that I bought used. It rocks around a lot with four legs it never wants to sit right. I plan on making an arm that swings out so I can have the forge back out of the way when not in use. Here are a couple of pictures of my forge stand it would only take a couple of hours to build and its not much material
post-10376-075340600 1284302438_thumb.jppost-10376-055287700 1284302444_thumb.jppost-10376-087334200 1284302449_thumb.jp

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