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Rob N.

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Hello everyone,

Another newbie here. I've been doing a lot of lurking and searching and have seen references to "blue prints" in the forums (example blueprint #133). My question is where do you find these blueprints? I'm really interested in plans for a charcoal forge. I already have plans for a propane forge from Zoellerforge.com, but wanted to have a charcoal forge, too, for a different forging experience :lol: Thanks in advance.


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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI!

Alas, your cry is one of hundreds since the first of this year. When IFI did an upgrade the blueprints where lost, gone, putuie, kuput, nada, no more, besides all that they jest ain't there no more. I have several misgivings about the "upgrade" but this in not a gripe session. HOPEFULLY, SOMEDAY they will appear and we will rejoice with much singing and celabration and merryment, but until then we can only dream of how it once was....sigh....

BUT!! There are TONS and TONS of good information in the different threads. Once you get done with all of those AND the ones in the archives you will be pretty well informed. and who knows, the blueprints may be back by then...we can hope...

Where ya from? If you update your profile and give your location I would bet there is a IFI member near you. I encourage you to check into the local ABANA affiliate/chapter near you and join. Most have meetings once a month and all enjoy having new folks show up. Once again, welcome.

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When IFI did an upgrade the blueprints where lost, gone, putuie, kuput, nada, no more, besides all that they jest ain't there no more.

The Blueprints continue to be presented each Tuesday Night LIVE in the IFI chat room.
At least two blueprints are presented each week which is over 100 per year. It is true that the soft wear upgrade has dissociated the front page and CMS from the members access, and we have been working on getting this restored with both the soft wear developers. We now have a coder working on the problem. I have all the Blueprints safe and on file ready to be put back on line as soon as we can.

Join us tonight at 10 PM Eastern time USA in the IFI chatrom.
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Welcome aboard!

The blueprints still exist...on Glenn's home machine (the Administrator and owner of the site) I received a PM from him stating that there are more glitches and the software vendor is on board with the efforts. However vendors work in their time not ours.

Glenn presents 2 or more blueprints every Thursday evening at 10pm eastern time in the chat area. Most browsers are capable of saving an entire web page, so you can keep the information on your own machine or print it out for your personal reference.


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The blueprints still exist...

We presented two Blueprints every week. This week we had two lined up, then in the middle of the presentation shifted gears and changed the show to answer a question in the chat room. Ended up presenting 3 blueprints. Because this thread was mentioned and the question about the Blueprints being on file, I chose one of the BP's, dug out the OLD original blue background blueprint (the original coding) and presented it also. That is a total of 4 Blueprints for the evening.

There were 34 people attending tonight's presentation. We do this every week and this is your personal invitation to join us next week.
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Thank you for the kind welcome. And thanks for the info regarding the chats. Timing is everything I suppose, so I couldn't make last night's. But, I have been looking around, and will continue to, the site and educate myself. Thanks again.

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