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My first Kukri :)


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Hi everybody!
My name is Kaspar i'm 19 and I live in Estonia. I'm really into blacksmithing and especially knife forging.
So far I've forged 3 knives. I just finished my 3rd one and i decided to show you guys. I wanted to make a Kukri, cause i like the shape very much. So, I had a leafspring rusting in my back yard and i decided to make a knife out of it =) Took me two and a half days to finish it. The shape was a bit different at the beginnig, but i messed up with heat treating it( when i was heating it up, i went too far and the edge melted a bit :S.. ye i no, stupid right?) But i think it still looks like a Kukri :) so what do you think?

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Kaspar, this looks like you've done very well for only your third knife. What are the measurements on this Kukri? You should post some pics of your other two as well!

Thnx m8, sorry, i have been far away from home for some time now, and i haven't had a chance to measure the knife... its guite long and heavy imo :)

Stylish... I like that you kept the purple temper (or is that a reflection?). *very* good for only your third knife!

Thank you! It's a reflection, I have no idea how to temper a blade so it would become purple :)

good stuff I like the shape.

Thnx m8, the shape was even better before i messed up :P

forgot to put up other pics
my first knife. erm, maybe a throwing knife with a handle. Made of lawn mowers blade :) Don't mind the boobs there :D it's my mouse mat :D
RR spike.
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Hey cape,

I was reading your post again when I saw that you mentioned that your edge melted slightly. If your heat treating temps were that hot, then you are doing something wrong. Assuming you are forging with charcoal, the only thing to do while heat treating is to put the piece in the forge...you might not even need to add air. You only need to get the piece to about 800C (curie temp, easy to recognize becuase steel becomes non-magnetic)Heat the piece slwoly and evenly. Make sure there are no dark spots. However, an excellent start.

Just a tip B)

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It's a common mistake in the internet community :)
Anyway, yes, i know that now, I thought that i need to heat the peace to a very high temp. and then let it cool down to the right temp and then immerse it in the water. Wont make that mistake again :) At the moment I'm using coal, but at that time when i was forging that kukri, I used charcoal.
Thank you for your responses :)

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Hey kape, Greetings from Panama...
So ive been developing this love for knifes and i started buying a few months ago...

i made a kukri out of a leaf spring a couple of weeks ago... but im having rust problems...
do you happen to have the same problem or i just suck?...hahaah
is there anyway to avoid the knife from rusting...?
that is some wicked knife you made there BTW

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hey jaiacosm
jup, im having the same problem. Just keep it away from water :D
There are some liquids, that keep the rust away, i don't think they cost very much.
I haven't tried it though. good luck with that anyway and thanks :)

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Just a little oil will keep the blades or other steel tools from rusting. I have a shop rag wrapped around the oil can I lube my LG with and it has enough oil on it to protect things I don't want to rust. A LITTLE oil won't make a lot of smoke if you put it back in the forge either but you will smell it. Of course you're shop is ventilated so you aren't going to be breathing bad fumes. RIGHT?

Frosty the Lucky.

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hahaha right so i was searching the web and found this coating product its called Teflon-Moly Coating from Brownels
apparently you spray it and cook it for 1 hour and your all set.. full coating against rust and scratches...as soon as i have apply it on my knife ill show you guyss

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