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I'm looking at a HRC tester - it's one of these http://www.valuetron...px?ProdID=19997. The one he has has never been used, comes in the original case and still has the calibration certificate with it - all things that make it worth more than a used one with no certification. Seems like one of those things that I may regret passing up if I don't do it. He's willing to work in trades which works much better for me right now financially.

It's range is 20HRC to 65HRC and it's accuracy is ±1.5 points. I don't know... I do plan on doing some knives, but do I really need one of these? I can see how it would be nice to have one to get your hardening / tempering process down and to test anvil hardness, etc.

What do you all think? I'm nibbling and tempted, but please save me from my own ignorance if I need saving.

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Dont pass it up. I am sure if you decided it was not for you, you would have no trouble getting rid of it on this or another forum.

In fact tell me how much you want for it, my brother is very interested in one. You of course should make some kind of profit on procurring it.


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If you do not have one you rely on a file usually. If you have enough practice you can generally tell with a 6" nicholson file when something is around 60 or so. I cannot do it but I have seen someone do it. My brother bought a tester so anytime I have something in question I go use his. I work with cable and learned I was not hardening as well as I thought when using some hydraulic oil we had. As long as you have access to a hardness tester you do not actually have to own one, but without one you cannot control your hardening processes. + or - 1.5 would not be accurate enough for a seasoned knifemaker but someone questioning whether or not they are getting there steel hard would appreciate it.

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