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Here's a kukri I just finished - still not sure how set I am on the handle design, I'd prefer it to be a little more curved but it is going to be used in a stunt show so I had to take safety / grip into consideration all while making it nice enough to be worn with the performers costume. The blade is 4130, handle is walnut with an ebony stain and was affixed with epoxy and peened rivets. The edge is blunt but slightly tapered to give the appearance of a sharp edge while keeping the durability since it will be used steel on steel. Blade is 11 3/4" and overall length is 17 1/2"


post-7730-039566500 1281553780_thumb.jpgpost-7730-019844900 1281553792_thumb.jpgpost-7730-068183100 1281553808_thumb.jpg

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Nice work! i love How dark the blade looks. it looks like an antique knive.

Thank you. Even though it's a new piece I can't have it look like it just came out of a box otherwise it wont match the costuming or the character all that well. :)

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