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Saludo de Colombia


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My name is Bernhard Heer, I live and work in Paipa, Colombia (about 100 ml north of Bogota). Operate a blacksmith shop and work with two young fellows who are eager to learn the trade of Artist Blacksmithing. I like to forge metal sculpture but also do fabricated sculptures, angle raising, tool making and general blacksmithing. We don't have a lot of work here but we try to exhibit and make demos all over the country. Interest in blacksmithing is growing. I also teach evening classes in smithing. We will exhibit in Bogota this December, the most important craft show in Colombia. I welcome other smiths from other parts of the world to pay a visit here in Paipa and get to know a new culture, language, food and climate. I will be going to Europe next week, first will visit England and then Germany and Switzerland. Glad to know IFI, always more to learn.

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Welcome Bernhard. I haven't seen a lot of posts from Mexico,Central, or South America, so it will be interesting to see the style of work done in your country.

Maybe it is just the news show's perspective, but being near Bogota shouldn't you should be smithing armor? All I hear about that area is the cartels fighting.

Someday I hope to be in a position that I will be able to travel. Right now it is the same problem I have always had - money, and time.

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I don't have all the tools to do the computer work, just recently got a computer to get on line (slow system). I will try to post pictures of the shop. There are some work, sculptures, to see on my simple webpage. Yes, that may not be a bad idea, building armor.... Fortunately I live in a pretty calm and peaceful area, small village elev. about 8000 feet. www.esculturarapula.com

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