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I Forge Iron

Helleo from a newbee that is a wnnabee


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Great web site, and since I am now convinced (along with a good buddy of mine) that this is a hobbie long in yearning, and that the time has come to start!
I will be forging ;) thru the archives for any revalent info I will need here.
I have looked at mutiple web sites and I know there is alot that I do not Know, so here a I am.
My first question is which fuel for the forge, living in southern Oregon and having no Idea if suitable coal is available or if "porpane" is the way to go? Our interest in forging is mostly for the woodworking application, i.e. chisels, draw knifes, ect.
Either fuel, can a old woodstove be modified for a forge?
We are not intending to go into production, just our personal use. Both of us have limited sized shops and will probably use the forge outdoors.
I am looking forward to any advise

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Mike-Hr is one of our smiths in Oregon and also you are close to California which has a good organization.

You will need to learn the basics of smithing to start with and then learn about metalurgy and hardening and tempering.

Blacksmithing is not really something you pick up or learn overnight. But, once you learn it, it is a rewarding craft.

I know their is at least one Blueprint on making a wood chisel and another on making a drawknife in the blueprints section of the main page.

Good Luck in your endeavors.

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