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Wagon Wheel iron?

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A friend gave me some big wagon wheel iron and of course i figured it to be steel or wrought as usual
but when i cut a chunk out and ground a bevel then etched it this is what i found. It seems to be two
types of metal welded together now this is new to me but i was wondering if anyone else has seen this before?

Thanks Bob

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mmm... I dont know anything.. But what I think is you have a Composite, Damascus like tire, that is a iron core with a steel shell. Soft and tough on the inside and wares good with a harder contact surface.. I would say that would have been a real high end wagon tire.... But like I say, I know zip zero zilch

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Please spark test it and tell us how it looks for the various parts.

Did they possibly come from a very rocky area? I once had a wagon tyre from a hard life in the Ozark mountains that etched up wildly after a low heat forging. Looked like a telescope picture of the milky way with fine grain areas alternating with large grain areas in a swirling pattern. Took it to the local U and talked with the Mat Sci prof (who asked us *why* we were not in his classes rather plaintively) I explained that I thought that the low temp forging had allowed recrystallization of areas with massive dislocation build up due to carrying heavy loads over rocky roads for a long time and he agreed.

If that sparks high C in one layer you have some great stock to experiment with various old time knife/sword configurations! (Fold and weld high C on the inside and grind to the High C layer for the edge, fold and weld high C outside and forge an edge with a tougher core, etc...)

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Well i found out what it was after reading this i posted on Dons forum. It answered a lot of questions for me on the wrought iron
i have been using, good pics too.

Thanks again Bob

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