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Hello from Zoeller Forge

Larry Zoeller

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Hello All,
My name is Larry Zoeller; I am the owner of Zoeller Forge. I make and sell parts for gas forges. I have been checking out iforgeiron.com for awhile and I have decided to join the group. There looks like there is a lot of great information here.

The URL for my web site is: Zoeller Forge
Wow, welcome! I have scoured your site numerous times.

I am currently learning to blacksmith at Ardenwood Forge, located at the Ardenwood Historical Farm. I have asked Scott Thomas if he knew you, since you both have such similar smithys. But Scott doesn't get out on the inet too much, I'm trying to change that.;)

You've been a great inspiration to me, and I'm going to build a freon tank mini-forge.

Scott doesn't use any gas, only solid fuels. That's what I'm using now and got an old forge from him that I haven't dragged home (I have a blower). I'm just getting started and have only had a couple lessons. I have managed to turn a 5/8" round rod into a 1/2" square rod, it started out 24" in length...he just informed me I'll be turning part of that back into a round rod next week...:rolleyes: It will be a fire poker when done, but it's mostly a lesson in hammering technique and fire control.

Thanks so much for sharing so much information, and presenting it in such a decent layout on the web. I know that speaking for myself, I really appreciate it.;)
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