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  1. Frosty, The following were taken from Thermal Ceramics web site Cerablanket CHRONIC RESPIRATORY HEALTH EFFECTS Refractory ceramic fibres have been classified by the E.U. as a category 2 carcinogen (“substances which should be regarded as if they are carcinogenic to man”). The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) reaffirmed that group 2B (“possibly carcinogenic to humans”) remains the appropriate classification for RCF. Larry Zoeller
  2. To All, The reason that I changed from Cerablanket to the Superwool HT is because the Superwool carries no health warning unlike the regular ceramic blankets. I work with these products daily and I also want to provide my customers the safest product possible. I was told that when the first Superwool was introduce to the market the temperature rating was 1800 degrees and now they have it up to 2372 degrees so I am sure that they will have higher temperature ratings in the future. Larry Zoeller www.zoellerforge.com
  3. Frosty, Check out the following link below. Larry Superwool (1).pdf
  4. Frosty, Long time since we talked. I have been following you and Mikey in the threads about forges and burners for awhile. It seams like there is a lot of new ideas floating around out there right now. I would like to hear your and Mikey's thoughts on the new Superwool HT, this is what I am selling now instead of the Cerablanket. I am getting mixed information about it. You guys usually have a good idea about what is going on with the refractories. Larry Zoeller zman59@earthlink.net www.zoellerforge.com Superwool.pdf
  5. Hey Glenn, I am now on the mend and hope to open back up in a couple of weeks. So if you can wait a little bit more I would be glad to help you out. Larry Zoeller www.zoellerforge.com
  6. To all, I am in the process of test marketing a new forge welding flux that can be used in gas forges as well as coal or coke forges. I am looking for some volunteers to try it out in there shops and hear what they think about the flux. I am looking for about 10 full time blacksmith or bladesmiths to try it out. If you are interested in trying it please send me an e-mail with your contact information and please tell me a little about what kind of work your are doing in your shop. The great thing about this flux when you use it in a gas forge it will not foam up and drip in the forge so the f
  7. Frostfly. Check out the following URL it should answer all of your questions, if not let me know. Zoeller Forge Larry Zoeller
  8. Hello All, My name is Larry Zoeller; I am the owner of Zoeller Forge. I make and sell parts for gas forges. I have been checking out iforgeiron.com for awhile and I have decided to join the group. There looks like there is a lot of great information here. The URL for my web site is: Zoeller Forge
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