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Copper plating

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yes I have.. I made a solution of copper sulfate from tree root remover for septic systems. the remover is 99.8% copper and I dissolved it in half a gallon of distilled water until it reached saturation (meaning no more crystals would dissolve) - to apply I either dip a q-tip in the solution or immerse the entire piece. I've experimented with low voltage application and I can't see the need - it will make a thick layer but the amps need to be very low to get anything smooth. copper will adhere to steel as is but not very well or permanently. in order to get a permanent bond another metal needs to be plated first, like nickel. unfortunately I gave up with a nickel setup. :) I also use the copper sulfate solution in a 75/25 mixture with ferric chloride to antique brass.

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Hee a while back there was a link to a home page that showed pictures of knives that had acopper color
His formula has copper sulphate and sulferic acid but I dont have the link.
There may have been other chemicals included in the formula also

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