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New fella from NE Scotland


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Hi , I'm Richie from Keith which is in North East Scotland. I've been into knife making for as long as I can remember (and I'm 43 ;) ). I thought it was about time I explored this craft more fully and so joined your forum with a hope of learning lots.
I have my own anvil and have recently made a charcoal forge out of what was available around the workshop.I would also like to learn more about how to make the tools to do my bladesmithing so expect some stupid questions.

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! Good to have ya join up. Tons of info already here, just hit the archives, making sure you pack plenty to eat and drink--it'll take ya a while to read all the info there. BTW, the only stupid questions are those not asked. Once again, welcome.

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Cheers for the welcome , your right I've been on here most of the day , and there's so much info I don't know where to start. :mellow:

First job will be to make a couple of decent (LOL) tongs , but have a knife job for a mate of mine that's paying some money.

I'm currently unemployed so have alot of time on my hands and as I have to stay at home in case one of the kids needs me this blackmithing thing could be just the job for me.

Anyway it's good to be here.


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Hi, I am a new member of forum. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guys!!!

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Hi Helen, and Richie, Welcome to the forum, (if you want a warmer welcome, come stand nearer my hearth, sign of an old smith, first thing they do is warm their hands over the fire)

Wherabouts are you located Helen? see our website www.blacksmithsguild.com and if we can be of service, feel free to ask any questions, or come along and join us at our various events.
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