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I Forge Iron

I think I must be new


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Hello from Shropshire.

I have lurked for a number of years and it's time to introduce myself.

OK, former British soldier, now in the defence industry and travelling the world selling stuff for the last 20-odd years.

I am a very fortunate individual in that I married my soulmate more than 30 years ago. My wife tolerates my shooting, reloading, welding, fishing, golf, etc. We have grandchildren and it is my delight in life to introduce them to unsafe, unhealthy, positively dangerous practices involving anvils, forges, tools, guns, explosives and open water.

My blacksmithing training began when, as a small child, I watched the local blacksmith/farrier shoeing Clydesdales on my walk to school in the early 50's. The smell of coke smoke mingled with scorched hoof is probably the most evocative early memory for me. I have, to this day, the horseshoe nail he gave me for boring laceholes in conkers.

Part of my technical training was a few weeks "on the anvil", back in the seventies. When I looked back a few years ago, I realised;

a) I loved it.

B) I picked up the skills reasonably well.

So, a couple of years ago, an anvil followed me home.

Would you believe it. So did a forge, a few hammers & tongs and other stuff.

I may have a retirement business - anyway, I can hope!

All I aspire to is Mr Fixit status. I will leave the beautiful iron to others.

Pictures to follow,

All the best,


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The smell of coke smoke mingled with scorched hoof is probably the most evocative early memory for me. I have, to this day, the horseshoe nail he gave me for boring laceholes in conkers.
Took a while for that seed to germinate (grin). Now to keep it fed and watered and watch it blossom. Welcome to IForgeIron.
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Pictures were promised - here we go.

post-12673-089980100 1279133344_thumb.jp
post-12673-073728200 1279133397_thumb.jp
post-12673-057658200 1279133446_thumb.jp
post-12673-070225600 1279133523_thumb.jp
post-12673-023026800 1279133570_thumb.jp

As you will see from the pics, everything lives outdoors.

The anvil is an unidentified 1cwt and it stands on a poplar log. Had a clear ring before I mounted it on the log and the rebound is about 80%. The wooden coffin lid and its associated plastic bag protects the (reasonably) well-finished anvil top surface from rain, muck, fluff, dust and custard.

The forge is very heavily built and has a 240V-12V inverter to drive twin squirrel cage blowers. The blowers can also be driven from a 12V battery. When I got the forge, the tuyere only protruded from the back wall by an inch or so. I have machined and welded a 3" extension which gets the heat more towards the middle of the thing. I have also cut a 6x4" removable "door" at the back of the forge to allow long parts to be heated in the middle.

The leg vice was a local find from asking around. Cost 10 quid. The leg is set in a socket on a plate and the plate is bolted to the ground slab. The vice stands 4 feet from the forge.

My bucket of tools is building nicely. The Peddinghaus hammer was bought in the US from Blacksmiths Depot, by phone, when I was last in Monterey Ca. It arrived 4 hours before I was due to depart. The Hofi style hammer is a recent ebay acquisition and has become an instant favourite.

That's all folks!

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