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Opinion on Weights for Makeshift Anvil

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So I came across someone locally who is selling steel remnants in sizes that would be useful for a makeshift anvil. He's got three or four sizes, but the two most interesting are:

13X7X3.25 (84lb) for $20
14X24X4 (380lb) for $90

I haven't gotten a hold of the guy yet, but I believe they're just mild steel.

I'm thinking that, since the CBA meeting next April is at the Vista forge, I will have lots of anvil options then. So I'm looking for a temporary anvil for 9 months. So:

Really cheap, because it's just mild steel, and why spend the extra money? Or Just pretty cheap, and make up for the mild steel with a lot of mass?


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Our opinions would be rather useless without knowing more details: You planning to do a lot of heavy work? Big anvil!
Only working small stuff? Small anvil. You plan to use it as a travel anvil later: Small anvil You plan to use it in the shop later for large rough work? (sledging is a lot safer on an anvil you don't have to worry about knocking off the horn or heel!) Big Anvil. You have money to burn? *Both* anvils, Want to save up for a london pattern? Small anvil.

and so on.

Think of me asking you what pickup to buy without telling you if I need to tow a heavy trailer or have to commute 2 hours a day every day or have to get 3 kids and two adults in the cab or if it's just me...The devil is in the details!

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BTW you might be able to find a london pattern anvil locally in the next 9 months too.

Folks remember that there is a special term for a large piece of steel used as an impromptu anvil---its "anvil" The term is *not* reserved only for london pattern anvils.

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Thomas, you hit it on the head. I should have asked what things I have to consider. Excellent food for thought.

I'm not giving up on a commercially-made anvil. However, I think I want a German-pattern double-horn, rather than a London-pattern. I think that leads to a greater liklihood that I'll be buying new.

But we'll see.

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