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Pattern welded ice axe pick

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Here's a photo of the billet once ground to thickness (an allowance was made for further thickness loss due to heat treating and polishing)


The pick was then cut from the billet


And filed to shape


A bit more sanding and it'll be ready for HT


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To test the temp of my tempering furnace (my oven!) I first used various Tempilstiks on a piece of steel


The steel going into the oven


We can see that the temerature indicating crayons suggest a temperature between 266 and 274 Celsius


After removing the forge scale again the pick was polished and etched in ferric chloride


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I've wanted to try a project like that for sometime, nice job.

The real test will be how they hold up leading some runout mixed pitch.

Sorry to say that the only action my ice tools have seen lately is doing pullups on the beam in my shop while I'm waiting for a heat.

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Have you thought about how strong it will be in extreme cold? I know steel gets brittle in subzero conditions, and I noticed the laminations being 90 degrees to the head-possible weak point?

Looks good, but I would want to know this before putting myself in a possibly life or death situation.

Wish I had better video viewing. Looks like you modified a horizontal milling machine into a belt surface grinder. What speed do you run the spindle?

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