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I Forge Iron

New here from Arkansas

Tom Walker

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Catchy name! I myself am from Arkansas, (NW Corner: MS-Cedarville, FS-Ft Smith); but am currently exiled to New Mexico.

What are you interested in making? (and if it's blades I hope you have looked into the American Bladesmith Society's school in Texarkana!)

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Howdy from East TEXAS!! and welcome to IFI! I'm 1.5 hrs south of Texarkana. Let me invite you to check out Saltfork Craftsmen. I know, I know, it's the Oklahoma ABANA group but they are a great bunch to play with. Then there is the 4StatesIronMunchers in Texarkana. Great group to play with also. If you are close to MO ya got the BAM folks to play with. All of these groups are ABANA affiliate/chapters and all enjoy having new folks join. Great way to learn or share your knowledge is at one of the meetings. Once again, welcome. Enjoy the site!

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Hey Tom, I work in Conway and play at Gus Blass! We may be getting enough metal manglers in central Arkansas to generate an opinion on something! This is great place! These guys can get you so inspired, you might up and hurt yourself.

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