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anvils in tennessee?

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ive been makin knives for about 5 years now and due to a lack of funds ive been unable to get a real anvil, i used a cheap cast iron anvil for awhile and now im usin a piece of rail road track, now though im in a situation where i could afford a good anvil if i could only find one. i live in northeastern tennessee and am willing to drive a good distance if need be, any help would be greatly appreciated

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Irontanner, the guy in Pageland, SC is a dealer/collector, and has posted that same ad every week or so for the past year. Don't expect bargains or gifts from dealers.

Phil K. posted a link in another thread that I find useful. Craigslist search tool http://www.craiglook.com/ will let you search 20-250 miles of any zip code, or nationwide. Try typing anvil, post vise, or blacksmith, and you will find dozens of ads for anvils closer to you, 6 from one guy in Asheville. Western NC, TN, KY, VA, and Ohio are the Promised Land of anvil hunters.

Put a want ad on Craigslist, look at auctions in your area. I ran into the dealer I bought my first real anvil from at an auction, while bidding on a forge. He was wearing a gold anvil necklace and had signs on the front and back of his truck that said "I buy anvils". Year later at another auction, I helped him load some vises and the anvil he bought, and he gave the plate welding table that was under the vises.

Mix, mingle, tell everyone you meet that you are looking. Put a cardboard sign and phone # in your truck window, everyone in the parking lot will read it. Heck, wear a cardboard sign around your neck if you have too. About half the time I demo at a museum, somebody comes up and wants to sell me their anvil at home "out back, jest settin' in the shed". Without my even asking.

Try the farm and tractor shows too. There have to be some near you. There is an annual event in central NC at Denton Farm Park 4th of July weekend. Big auction Saturday morning, plus dealers under the trees with every sort of rusty junk, er, ah, I mean priceless an-teeks for sale. I have seen tandem axle trailers loaded with anvils, post vises, forges, etc. If you want it and the price is right, put your money down quick. I bought a post vise off the truck before the guy unloaded it. Three people tried to buy it off my shoulder before I got to the front gate, headed to the parking lot. I could have doubled my money in the first half hour.

Blacksmiths guilds have events with tailgating, I have seldom gone to one where there was not somebody with an anvil to sell. Yesteryear Forge is having a big event outside Richmond, VA June 19th. If you don't know how to look for them, just ask.

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I bought my anvil at an auction I located on Auctionzip.com. If you check the listings regularly, you may be successful. You just put in your zip code, and how far you are willing to travel, and it lists all the auctions. Then, you can look at the pictures or verbal listings and hope for the best. There's one in Bassett Va, on Saturday, June 12 that I am tempted to go see, but it's too far to drive.

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I have a 120# German Style double horned anvil for sale for $575.00. I am in Sunbright, Tennessee, about 70 miles north west of Knoxville. This anvil is in better condition than when I purchased it new. I have radiused the edges and smoothed the horn and face. I got it for a demonstration anvil and have purchased another, otherwise I would not be selling this one. Old World Anvils has a similar anvil for $650.00 that is 118#

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Update on the Craigslist dealer/collector in Pageland, SC. One of my buds needed an anvil upgrade for his knifemaking business, so we went on a field trip.

In short: nice guy, knows his stuff and has reasonable prices based on name brand and condition. Has a great collection of old colonial and early anvils that are not for sale, and is willing to talk old tools.

My friend found a user in his price range, and a short double horn stake anvil followed me home.

The guy even had a lift table, so Mikey did not need my huge carcass to load it on his tailgate. (What, you thought he brought a no-neck, knuckle-dragging neandertal along for the sparkling conversation?)

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