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I Forge Iron

what can i do with this?

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i was looking at an old dryer at work yesterday one of those big ones you could hope in and go for a ride. they where throwing it out so i went part hunting and i got some bearings out of it and i got two sprockets and the chain to go with it the smaller sprocket is about 4in in diameter and the bigger one is about 24in in diameter would love to make maybe a twister but done know if these would work i'll get some pics up today

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the hole thing was shot... 22 years old and it had to go... i was thinking of grabbing the drum but they already bent it up... i didn't know if the ratio was gonna be good enough or the chain will hold up to cold twisting 1/2in box?

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If the motor was good that would have been on my list of bits to get...

.... as far as ratio of 15 to 117.. I have never been clear on gear ratios and whether is is diameter or circumfrence that is the important part of the equation... however a friend has a copy of the power transmission handbook that has the answer... if I can stay awake reading it long enough... it is very dry reading... it will tell you more about V belts and pulleys and belt tensions than you ever imagined existed ...

what are your ideas for what to do with your booty?

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