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  1. well the little sprocket has 15 teeth and the bigger one has 116 on it so would that make it 7.73 to 1?
  2. the hole thing was shot... 22 years old and it had to go... i was thinking of grabbing the drum but they already bent it up... i didn't know if the ratio was gonna be good enough or the chain will hold up to cold twisting 1/2in box?
  3. i was looking at an old dryer at work yesterday one of those big ones you could hope in and go for a ride. they where throwing it out so i went part hunting and i got some bearings out of it and i got two sprockets and the chain to go with it the smaller sprocket is about 4in in diameter and the bigger one is about 24in in diameter would love to make maybe a twister but done know if these would work i'll get some pics up today
  4. someone asked me if i can make them some cherry blossoms for her but i have no idea where to start...any idea?
  5. i have 2 axle shaft out of an old axle of mine and i have some shafts out of a transmission and tranfercase. i was told this metal is great for knife making and other stuff but i dont have the room to keep it and if someone else can use its yours. i live in Orange county NY zipcode 10987
  6. the main use of the forge would be just to heat up steel to a point where i can work with it, I would also like to maybe melt copper or brass down to make a castings but the main use of it would be to work with steel no welding i found some plans online to make the burners but im not sure if i should go with a pipe forge or a box, im looking to line it with a fire brick on the bottom so nothing happens to the linner
  7. im looking at "heat stop" as a liner for a propane forge the website says it can handle "well above 2000*" and most of the kaowool handles up to 2300* you think i can use heat stop?
  8. i did find "heat stop" by my house for $60 it says it handles past 2000* can i use this?
  9. i cant find anywhere that sells this...i did find some websites that sell it for $99 for 55lbs is that the going price or is there somewhere else i can get it
  10. ok what about refractory cement i found someone saying i can mix my own out of a few things but i dont wanna spend tons on it
  11. looks great, can you find out how much it would cost to ship it to tuxedo zipcode 10987?
  12. those plans will help me out a lot thanks i found a motor at work that im not sure if it will cut it. its a 1/5 HP 115V motor that runs 1750RPM im gonna try to make that blower for it and i guess if it doesn't cut it i'll look for another motor
  13. thanks for all the info i'll use a needle valve but im still stuck on the air source. i noticed that everyone is making there own fan but i never casted anything before i could try to cut everything out of sheetmetal and weld it together but Im wondering of someone has any plans for the housing or the rotor i can look at. i would love to use propane to preheat the forge but i guess i never worked with it so im kinda iffy about it. do i just hook up the tank to the pipe and turn on the blower and the blower will keep the flame from going back to the propane tank?
  14. im thinking of building a waste oil forge, i like the idea and i can get as much used cooking oil as i want. i was looking at this design, http://www.backyardmetalcasting.com/oilburners10.html and it looks like it works, a few questions i have is what kinda fan can i use for this set up? i found a few forge blowers but $250 is kinda steep and im not sure how much cfm do i need. is there anything else i can use instead of a forge blower? another question i wanna ask is i would like to use this design to heat rods and square tubing so i'll have to make one that lays flat and with a different door any ideas or things i should look out for?