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my new "brian brazeal" style hammer


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hi all !!! this week i decide to forging a hammer like " brian style" . but today i'm very happy to finish the handle (in "cornouiller male"), i make the hammer in 4140 steel,
1500 grams weihgt (3.3 lbs).
i don't know if it's exactly the same of brian... :rolleyes: .but i have more pleasure to making them :D forging,polishing head , finish wood..!!!!

i have test them , it s a realy good balanced hammer !!!! easy to handle :wub: the metal move easily , quickly !!!

BRIAN thank you for all informations about this hammer!!!! (if you want you are "welcome" at my home in france ), i hope to meet you a day in europe or usa and forging with you !!!

post-6960-040446100 1275128688_thumb.jpg

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Well, the conference is over, but a few people wanted to make some hammers today. They said they want to make the same fullering hammer. I used mine alot this weekend at the conference to explain how to move metal. I have to go and set the shop back up, but I wanted to say how impressed I was with your hammer. That is some really nice work and it looks like you've made alot of other nice tools in that picture. Thanks for posting! And I hope we do get to meet up in the future and forge together!

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