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Charcoal Pencil

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Here is a trick I learned when I was in Austria with Alfred Habermann. Marking metal with a white charcoal pencil where you can still see the mark when it is orange hot. It is just like marking it with the "white out" used for correcting typographical errors. It shows up on hot metal, but it is less expensive and alot easier to use.

post-4954-005651800 1274500620_thumb.jpg post-4954-064762100 1274500676_thumb.jpg
Lyle bought this from Hobby Lobby, but Angele, a German supplier of blacksmithing equipment, sold them in Europe.

I like this method of marking alot better than marking with a center punch.

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As always - thank you , thank you!

Nice, I was looking for a good way to transfer lay-out lines to my workpiece so that I could still see them when hot, and presto...
A simple yet brilliant post shows the way. Thanks to everyone who shares their successes and failures, trial and error works so much better when you don't have to make every mistake yourself to find a success.
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