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Hi there.

I was planning to build a coal fired forge, but this turns out to be a bad idea around here due to the smoke problems. I read on this forum about this lad who made a small gas powered forge out of a propane torch and a 6" pipe. Sort of a portable job. I read the article and it seems like the answer for me. Small and clean burning. The question I have is about the fluffy looking white stuff that the forge was lined with. I have not seen this before and have no idea what it is called. It is cut and rolled up and inserted in to the pipe as a heat shield. If I can just find out what this stuff is called and where I can find it, I will be in business.

Can you help?


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Christopher, there are a few brands of that stuff, but probably the most widely used is called Kaowool. Here's a link to anvilfire, a supplier. I've ordered kaowool from them before. They have good service, and they even sent me a little extra anvilfire Store : Blacksmithing books, Video tapes, CD's, Refractories and anvilfire gear. buy the 1" thick material. Two layers is sufficient, but the more the better.

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