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Hi Guys, I need some help to find out what I did wrong with a billet I welded the other day. After reading on the forum that pallet strapping was ok to use as a "spring steel" I decided to give it a go. I got some old power hacksaw blades and cleaned them up plus some strapping and made a billet of 21 layers (9 of hacksaw). I had some trouble getting it to stick together at the heat I normally use, so I kept it in the forge for longer and it finally all stuck together. I started to clean it up and noticed the cracking in the outside layers. What could have caused this?. The billet looks as if it is fully welded. I stuck it in some vinegar overnight to help clean up the flux. I put it in the vice and gave it a couple of good wacks with a hammer and it didnt crack. Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.post-1941-027252400 1273200661_thumb.jpgpost-1941-045564000 1273200682_thumb.jpg

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Thanks for your replies Guys. I had pallet strapping on the outside but it flaked off. I was having trouble getting the heat evenly into the centre of the billet at a low air volume so I cranked it up a bit. Should I grind it off before I go any further? Thanks again

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I wpould say it is probably toast at this point...I would place it aside for another day and start fresh..
remeber you want to really soak the piece while it is heating..heat it slowly and all the way through..If you don't then this is what you wind up with....

This happens to everyone sooner or later..All part of the learning process...


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