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Railing installed

Double Y

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This is a railing that I installed over the weekend.

The railing is 11 foot 6 and 36 inches tall. The designs are cut from 10 guage plate, acid colored and then coated with a Satin Powder Coat.

This is piece one from this family. I need to build another piece similar to this, though smaller for the other side of the patio and then build about 120 feet of fence.

The fence will be mostly a fab job with square tube pickets, but the kicker is the size.

Their son has a miniture Yorkshire dog that can get out of anything that has an opening more than 2 inches, though the dog can't jump per say. So the fence will be short - 36 inches - but the bottom 18 inches will have pickets 2 inch on center.

Keeping busy and keeping the house in beans is the name of the game....

Thanks for looking - comments are apprecieated,










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No CNC - I cut it all by hand with my Miller 375.

I like the results from the CNC, but I am too Scotch to buy the machine. I also like the fact that each piece is unique and a true art piece instead of mass produced.

Thanks for looking,


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